Wildcat Creek Farm

  • address Tyrone rd
    Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342

Our farm is located on the property where the ferry brought individuals across the KY River from Versailles, KY. We are a private farm and live here for the pleasure of the land, the quiet from the city, and the outdoor activities. We want to share this with our guests. 

Learn more about this land:

Come and enjoy bourbon country on the Kentucky River. Bring your ARV or tents. We are located immediately next door to the Wild Turkey Distillery, and within miles of a few others. Our 44-acre property offers immediate access to the KY River, and is within 5 minutes of an extremely quaint downtown area, should you decide to go to town for a meal. Plenty of restaurants for your choosing! 7 minutes away is a Walmart should you forget anything.  Come and relax in our peaceful surroundings. Horses,, goats, mini donkey, peacocks, chickens and more on site and loving attention.. Bring your frisbees, cornhole, and yard games.Please know….we offer a working farm and animals. The donkey brays, the goats chatter, peacocks will sound alarms sporadically. Just a reminder in case the pros of animals being present don’t outway the cons for anyone.

Five Sites available.