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Bike Walk Master Plan Unanimously Approved

New Bike Walk Master Plan Approved

Lawrenceburg, KentuckyAugust 15, 2023 – The Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Joint Tourism Commission announced a new Bike Walk Master Plan that will guide the development of a safe and connected network of bike and pedestrian infrastructure. The plan was developed with input from residents, businesses, the City of Lawrenceburg, Lawrenceburg Anderson County Joint Tourism Commission, Anderson County Public Schools, the Active Living Program at the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the Kentucky Department of Transportation, and additional stakeholders. This master plan includes a number of project recommendations for improving the city’s bike and pedestrian network, including:

  • Building new bike lanes, sidewalks and trails
  • Improving existing sidewalks
  • Adding shared usage pathways
  • Making it easier to cross streets safely
  • Educating pedestrians, cyclists and drivers about rules or the road and safety

The plan also includes a number of goals for the city’s bike and pedestrian network, including:

  • Increasing the number of people who bike and walk
  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Enhancing walkability and livability for residents
  • Promoting public health

The city is committed to implementing the recommendations in the Bike Walk Master Plan and is working with partners to make it a reality. 

Mayor Troy Young expressed enthusiasm for the new initiative, stating, “The Bike-Walk Master Plan underscores our commitment to building a city that prioritizes the well-being of our residents, the health of our environment and the experience of visitors to our community.”

**Key Features of the Bike-Walk Master Plan:**

  1. **Safe and Accessible Routes:** The plan prioritizes the creation of safe and accessible biking and walking routes throughout the city. Dedicated bike lanes, shared pathways, and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks will be designed to ensure the utmost safety for all users.
  1. **Connectivity:** The network will provide comprehensive connectivity, linking neighborhoods, business districts, schools, parks, and other key destinations. This interconnected system aims to reduce reliance on cars and alleviate traffic congestion.
  1. **Community Engagement:** The development of the Bike-Walk Master Plan involved extensive community engagement to ensure that the needs and preferences of residents were taken into account. Feedback from citizens played a pivotal role in shaping the final plan.
  2. **Environmental Sustainability:** By encouraging non-motorized transportation, the city aims to limit air pollution and enhance public health.
  1. **Economic Benefits:** The plan is expected to generate positive economic impacts by fostering a more vibrant street life, increasing foot traffic to local businesses, and attracting tourists interested in exploring the city through different modes of transport.

The implementation of the Bike-Walk Master Plan has met the first stage with the formal approval from the City Council. The city welcomes public input and encourages citizens to participate actively in the realization of this transformative project.

For more information about the Bike-Walk Master Plan, please contact Robbie Morgan at the Lawrenceburg Anderson County Joint Tourism Commission at 502-598-3127. Click here to view a copy of the approved Bike Walk Master Plan.