Popular bourbon-focused podcast says, “Lawrenceburg is the place to be.”

The popular bourbon podcast, “This is My Bourbon Podcast” with over 313,000 subscribers came to Lawrenceburg at the end of the January for the Lawrenceburg Bourbon Company’s first release called the “One Cask Series”. The podcast comes from Lexington, Kentucky native Perry Ritter where he talks to bourbon lovers, folks in the industry and other interesting people with a passion for the brown elixir. 

Not only do they think Lawrenceburg is “the place to be” in the bourbon world, they highly recommended the bourbons from LBC’s first release, even going as far as to say it was one of the best first releases of product by anyone in the industry. High praise from these self-described bourbon loving nerds. Given that the LBC sold out of more than 600 bottles in less than 24 hours, we’d say others agreed. 

You can listen in yourself on episode 267. You can skip to the parts about Lawrenceburg and LBC at about minute 55:00. They also talk Wild Turkey in this episode.