McBrayer Legacy Spirits releasing resurrected bourbon at the Ripy House

The Bourbon Sessions at the Ripy Manson in Lawrenceburg return in May – after a 14-month hiatus – featuring the release of a resurrected bourbon that dates back 175 years into Anderson County’s history.

During the next installment of Bourbon Sessions at the T.B. Ripy mansion, whiskey fans will uncover the true story behind a family bourbon that’s 175 years in the making. Founder & President of McBrayer Legacy Spirits W.G. (Bill) McBrayer IV, will be joined by his father and business partner W.G. (Bill) McBrayer III, to share why they are resurrecting W.H. McBrayer’s iconic family of Kentucky Bourbon brands. 

As a member of one of the first settling families in Anderson County, the first judge in his county and one of Kentucky’s founding distillers, W.H. McBrayer’s legacy is woven throughout Lawrenceburg. More commonly known as “The Judge,” his award-winning whiskey was so successful that when his Cedar Brook distillery was sold to the whiskey trust and Julius Kessler in 1899, it was regarded as “The Most Famous Brand in the World.”

At the helm of his distilling dynasty, McBrayer helped shape Kentucky’s Bourbon revolution by influencing other area distillers including Charles M. Dedman, T.B. Ripy, and W.B. Saffell. With ties to Centre College, pioneer settler James Harrod and the Louisville Southern Railroad, McBrayer was a key figure in Kentucky’s history whose story started right here in Lawrenceburg.

After nearly 10 years of research and careful consideration, Bill McBrayer IV and his father are now honoring the life and legacy of “The Judge” with the inaugural release of their first spirit: W.H. McBrayer Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Inspired by the traditions and ingredients McBrayer relied upon in the mid-1800s, they have come as close as possible to replicating a Bourbon from that time period. Using heirloom grains grown only a few miles from McBrayer’s original distillery in Lawrenceburg, a low barrel entry proof of 105 and a mash bill discovered in a handwritten letter, this father-son team has crafted a Kentucky Bourbon that honors the McBrayer family legacy while benefiting from today’s modern distilling techniques.

Enjoy rich local history and a tasting of their exclusive new release (not available in stores) in the town where their story all began.

Weather permitting, the event will take place outdoors and social distancing will be observed. Tours of the mansion will be limited to small groups with masks required.