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Lawrenceburg part of premier at Louisville film festival

A short film, portions of which were recorded in Lawrenceburg, will premier in November during Louisville’s International Festival of Film.

“Will There Be Women At My Funeral” is a film written by Neville Elder and based on music from his band, Thee Shambels. Elder and Samantha Jean Moore produced the film.

Oct. 30, 2017, they filmed scenes on the grounds of and inside of the Ripy House. The next night, additional filming took place in Lexington during the annual Halloween Festival and Thriller Parade.

According to the film’s International Movie Database page “The promise of $50,000 brings women from all over the country to attend the reading of a will of a mysterious Southern patriarch. Elizabeth, played by Dawn Fink, and Lucy played by Emily Redden, try to figure out who it is has summoned them from beyond the grave, and why. Downstairs in a room full of suspicious women, a young Lawyer, played by Keith Cox, begins to read the last testament. When the old man’s identity is revealed, all hell breaks loose and we discover just how much good faith $50,000 can buy. Hint: it’s not much. The room empties and Elizabeth, Lucy and four remaining women agree to fulfill their tasks to commemorate the old misogynist by carrying his coffin through the streets of Lexington, KY. But soon the pall bearers rebel and desecrate his memory by filling his coffin with the creepy doll collection discovered in the house.”

Several extras from Lawrenceburg and the surrounding area appear in scenes for the film that were shot at the Ripy House.

Lawrenceburg resident Lea Hutton Beasmore helped bring the filming to Lawrenceburg and the Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Tourism Office’s film committee assisted with various aspects behind the scenes.