lists Lawrenceburg among places for a fall visit put together a list of “8 Under-the-Radar Places to Visit This Fall.” Only one location was in Kentucky and the city they chose was Lawrenceburg.

Here is what they had to say – “Lawrenceburg, located 25 miles west of Lexington, is a small historic town with a big bourbon footprint—it’s home to both Four Roses and Wild Turkey. The town of 10,500 is also home to multiple acclaimed wineries, and reportedly a number of apparitions too, so plan your visit near Halloween, sign up for the local ghost tour, and really make the most of the experience.”

Lawrenceburg residents were honored to be part of the list, which also included locations in Utah, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon and others.

The list focused on places to visit in the fall, but Lawrenceburg is a great place to visit any time of the year, though there are a number of events happening each year in the summer and fall.

Come for a visit and see for yourself why thought Lawrenceburg was worth singling out.

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