Shop, eat, stay and play in Lawrenceburg during 127 Yard Sale

The World’s Longest Yard Sale is just a few weeks away and Lawrenceburg is a great stop not only for shopping the vendor booths, but also for a place to eat, spend the night and see some new things.

The Eagle Lake Convention Center in Lawrenceburg is recognized on the official 127 Yard Sale website as one of the major vendor stops along the route. The Eagle Lake stop includes hundreds of vendor booths, including indoor booths, outdoor booths on the pavement, outdoor field booths, and outdoor food vendor booths. Eagle Lake is located at the intersection of U.S. 127 and Highway 151.

For more about the Eagle Lake vendor stop, check out details on the website.

Lawrenceburg will also have other vendor stop located along the U.S. 127 Bypass, as well as stops along old U.S. 127, which runs right through the middle of historic downtown Lawrenceburg.

For a complete list of places to eat, stay, and play while you are in town, go to the tourism website.