Ripy, Ballard houses open to public April 3

If you’ve ever wanted to tour the Ripy House or the Ballard House in Lawrenceburg you’ll have your chance on Wednesday, April 3.

BGT’s April deTour is coming to Anderson County that day at 6 p.m. to host free tours of the Ripy House, located at 320 S Main Street, followed by the Ballard House, at 119 North Main Street.

The Ripy House is a historic mansion built by T.B. Ripy, one of the Bourbon Barons who resided in Lawrenceburg in the late 1880s.  The home was completed in 1888.  At the time T.B. Ripy was regarded as one of the largest sour mash distillers in the world, his distillery would go on to become what is now Wild Turkey Bourbon.  Currently, the mansion is undergoing a massive restoration to return its interior to its original period style with most of the first floor completed and work beginning on the second floor. There will be access to both for an interesting comparison.

The Ballard House is unique in many ways, with its bright historic paint color, lively wallpaper, antique furniture, and even being home to an award-winning canine, but the home also stands out for being considered part of the oldest building in Lawrenceburg. Dating back to 1793 when the building was a cabin built by settler Thomas Prather and remained so until his granddaughter’s husband Thomas J. Ballard acquired the property. He built onto and around the cabin, becoming known as the Ballard House. The home still remains the property of the family, and now belongs to Thomas Prather’s fifth great-grandson.

The BGT’s free April deTour will gather at 6 p.m. at the Ripy House where there will be a brief introduction before opening the home up to deTours. After making your way through the house you can stop by the Ballard House located on the other end of Main Street. Because the two homes are 0.4 miles apart please feel free to drive from the Ripy House to the Ballard House. Parking has been arranged for both deTour locations with parking provided at the Ripy House roundabout driveway and the nearby parking lot at First Christian Church. Parking for the Ballard House will be available from across the street of the home at The Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg.

This deTours Social AfterHour will be at Heavens to Betsy restaurant at 116 S Main St.

For any question regarding the deTour, call 859-253-0362 or email [email protected]