Kentucky Truck Tuggers kicking off season in Lawrenceburg

The Kentucky Truck Tuggers are scheduled to begin and end their 2019 season in Lawrenceburg.

The group, which holds competitions around the region from April-October, will hold its first two events in Lawrenceburg at the Anderson County Community Park, the first on April 20 and the next on June 1. Another 13 “tug of war” events will be held in cities from Shepherdsville to Russellville to London before returning to Lawrenceburg for the season’s final two events on Sept. 14 and Oct. 19, which will be the championship.

The Kentucky Truck Tuggers organized in 2005. The tug of wars involve two trucks attached bumper to bumper with a cable. Once a tug begins, each driver has 30 seconds to try to pull their competitor as far as possible in the opposite direction. Drivers compete at fairs, festivals, and other exhibitions. They can win prize money and trophies throughout the year.

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