Film in Lawrenceburg

Lawrenceburg and Anderson County make up a film friendly community that has a number of locations that would be ideal for a variety of filming needs, from commercials and television shows to movies.

Portions of more than 20 different movies have been filmed in and around Lawrenceburg over the years. With a picturesque, small-town America downtown, two rivers, two lakes, creeks, waterfalls, historic homes, tree-lined back roads, farmland, and scenic Kentucky countryside, there are lots of potential location options.

With quick and easy access to airports in Lexington and Louisville and major interstates close by, getting cast and crew in and out of town is convenient. The local film committee, part of the tourism office, is also here to assist with a variety of needs film crews may have while in town. And incentives available through the Kentucky Film Office make filming in Lawrenceburg that much more attractive. Come scout us out.  We think you’ll like what you see.

Follow this link to see a 30-minute episode on Lawrenceburg that was produced by Prosper Media Group and aired a number of times on Kentucky Educational Television. The tourism office provided assistance with various aspects of this production.

Contact the tourism office at [email protected] or 502-598-3127 to ask about potential filming locations or to ask any other questions.