Four Roses, Wild Turkey bourbons make another top 10 list

Yet another publication has included Anderson County’s two distilleries in a top 10 bourbons list.

This time it was Esquire that had both Wild Turkey and Four Roses listed among the “10 Best Bourbon Whiskey Brands to Drink Right Now.”

Esquire described Wild Turkey as “a classic, unpretentious American whiskey brand that permeated the public’s consciousness well before Matthew McConaughey was named creative director in 2016.” The gave a nod to the distillery’s Russell’s Reserve and Master’s Keep bourbons, but noted that “you really can’t do much better than a bottle of 101.”

With Four Roses, Esquire recommended the affordable Yellow Label, which they said is great in cocktails or for sipping. “It is hands down one of the best bourbons you can find for the price.” The Single Barrel and Small Batch bourbons from Four Roses also received praise.

If you’ve not sampled the bourbons from Four Roses and Wild Turkey, come spend the day in Anderson County and tour both distilleries and take part in their tastings.